If your Minecraft server is running on port other than 25565 you can use our port checker tool to test.

How Minecraft Server Status Checker works ?

A Minecraft Server Status Checker works by connecting to a Minecraft server and retrieving information about its current status. This is typically done using the Minecraft server's IP address and a query port, which is used to communicate with the server. Once connected, the checker will send a request for information, such as the server's status, player count, and ping. The server will then respond with this information, which the checker will display to the user. The checker may also periodically check the status of the server and update the information displayed to the user in real-time.

minecraft server status check

It's important to note that some checkers are built to only check a server's availability and some other checkers can check for more information such as the number of players on the server, the server version, the motd and so on.


In addition, Some checkers also provide additional features such as the ability to sort servers by certain criteria, or even allow players to vote for their favorite servers, which can help other players find good servers to play on.

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