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What is Network Ping command and why is it needed?

Ping (ping) - is a network command that comes with all modern operating systems. This program allows you to measure response time (sometimes say "reaction time") computer to query the network. Also, it is used to check the accessibility of a computer / device on network.


Now increasingly the word meant not Ping utility network system, namely the same time computer response. In fact, ping - this time, for which a network packet from the sending computer comes to the destination computer and back. Measured in milliseconds.

What is considered a good ping?

To fair to call this or that good Ping, you must know the protocols and settings for applications that use the network. However, these figures are valid for ordinary surf the sites:

  1. Up to 50ms - Excellent Ping
  2. From 50ms to 100ms - Good Ping
  3. From 100ms to 300ms - Average Ping
  4. More than 300ms - Poor Ping

PortChecker site allows you to measure the response time of your computer. Also, you can always see more of the results of measurement.

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