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By accessing any website, you leave a lot of information about the configuration of your computer, the totality of which is a digital "fingerprint" that can help identify you and your PC. Some companies involved in advertising, have been using facial recognition technology uniqueness traces separate computer for their own purposes. Is there protection from this technology, and how effective it can be?

To surf anonymously we use proxy servers. One must understand various types of proxy servers as proxy servers may also pass visitors information to the web servers.

Check Anonymity Of A Proxy Server

Proxy Checker tool is a multi purpose tool which you can use to check whether a proxy is working or not, Type of proxy i.e Web Proxy or Socks Proxy and Headers being passed by the proxy server. By looking into header you will be able to find yourself whether proxy maintains Anonymity or not?

There are three main categories of proxy servers Anonymous Proxy, Transparent Proxy and Elite Proxy.

Elite Proxy

An elite proxy will not transfer the information or clue that you are using a proxy server that's why proxy server of this type are particularly important. It will not transfer any of the below mentioned proxy variables.

Anonymous Proxy

As the name implies this kind of proxy servers reveals information that proxy server is being used and its IP address, but not the user's IP address. Anonymous proxy servers can pass below proxy variables.


Transparent Proxy

Transparent Proxy servers does not maintain any privacy instead it simply passes the original user information to the servers being accessed. Also the headers passed to the web server signifies that the requests is coming from a proxy.


Socks Proxy Vs HTTP Proxy

Socks Proxy servers works at TCP level í.e you can use socks proxy to connect various services like FTP, HTTP, POP3 etc. On the other hand a HTTP Proxy is designed to work at HTTP protocol level and hence these can only be used to access web pages only.

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