The purpose of this tool - definition of DNS records of a domain name. The Domain Name System (DNS) - the basis of the Internet. DNS record is what allows you to find any particular site, without DNS - records provider will not know which server to send your request when you type the address in the browser. Record DNS server for any website can be found using our tool. When an error in the DNS - the site of its record operation stops for a long time. The tool will provide full information to the specified domain name.

DNS Record type and details:

By entering into a string domain, you will learn all of the records of the server on which it is supported by:
  • IP -it is an individual, a unique address on the Internet or a local network.
  • host - is any device or computer connected to the Internet.
  • E - mail -e - mail domain, mail services are now all hosting providers.The address of the administrator.
  • MX -an account that identifies the mail, indicating the mail server for the MX domain.
  • A -record DNS, is used to translate the language of the domain name in the format of digital, indicates that the IP - address and the hostname.
  • TTL specifies the time allowed, which is stored in the cache resource record irresponsible DNS - server.
  • Serial Number -required secondary servers to test changes the Zone.
  • NS -these are the records that point to the name server for a particular domain, the most important function is the NS domain delegation.
  • SOA points to the server that stores the initial(reference) information about the domain.
  • CNAME redirects the host name to a different name, a pseudonym.
  • CLASS defines the class of networks used.
  • TXT is for additional information that may indicate the domain owner.
  • SRV- an indication of the servers for services (in particular, Active Directory, and Jabber).

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