A redirect checker is a tool that allows you to test the http redirects on a website. It can be used to check the status of a redirect, the type of redirect that is being used, and the destination URL of the redirect.

There are several types of redirects that can be used on a website, including 301 redirects, 302 redirects, and 307 redirects. A 301 redirect indicates that a page has been permanently moved to a new URL, while a 302 redirect indicates that the page has been temporarily moved. A 307 redirect is similar to a 302 redirect, but it is used for HTTP 1.1.

Redirect checkers can be useful for website owners and SEO professionals who want to ensure that their redirects are working correctly and directing users to the correct page. They can also be used to check the redirects of other websites to see how they are directing traffic.

What can Redirect Checker do?

There are many different types of redirects on the Internet — redirecting users and search engine bots from one URL to another. Many of them are processed differently, some work faster than others and require less resources. Often redirects are incorrectly used by webmasters, which leads to serious SEO problems on the site and a significant loss of search traffic. That is why it is important to understand what redirects are used for what purposes and how search robots process them.

browser redirection

Redirection Check tool helps you to trace redirect chain so that you should be able fix it to can improve website SEO.

Main features of the Redirect Checker:

About Redirect Chains

Redirect chains Often there are times when from one address to another are several consecutive redirects instead of one. This is called a chain of redirects. Failure to correct such chains leads to a loss of the crawling budget, and if the chain consists of 5 or more redirects, search engine robots simply ignore them: they stop bypassing new addresses in the redirect, taking it for a cyclical one.

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