Here's what a JWT Decoder tool does:

  1. Takes a JWT as input: You typically paste the JWT string into the tool.

  2. Decodes the JWT: It breaks down the JWT into its three parts:

    • Header: Contains information about the token, like the algorithm used to sign it.

    • Payload: Holds the actual data or claims about the subject of the token.

    • Signature: Verifies the authenticity and integrity of the token.

Why use a JWT Decoder tool?

  • Debugging and troubleshooting: When working with JWTs, you might need to understand their contents to debug issues or analyze how they're being used.

  • Understanding token structure: If you're new to JWTs, a decoder helps you understand how they work and what information they carry.

  • Testing and development: Decoders can be helpful in development to ensure your application is generating and verifying JWTs correctly.

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